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Book one of our various space events and let us take you on a journey to remote galaxies. Taste authentic space food and listen to the adventures of real space travellers. Celebrate in a galactic ambience with your entire team and learn more about the world of space travel.
Claudia im Aerotrim

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Nurture your employees.

Leadership and team building workshops from out of this world.

Visit iconic space locations, test your limits by taking part in a real astronaut training programme or defy gravity on parabolic flights. Feel what it’s like to be an astronaut!

Blick auf die Erde

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Attending rocket launches, going on suborbital flights and sending your products to space – we offer it all. Hoping for more? We are also happy to organize individual space missions tailored to your needs, true to our motto “The sky is not the limit!”

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Space Empowerment

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